Our Brands

We make sure the brands work so you can focus on preparing the food

Our brand have been designed to sell and provide great margins. No matter what equipment you have, we set you up with a brand that works for you.

The popular game day food from the US is very different from the endless burger options everyone knows. It rules out the fear of making a bad choice by combining multiple burger styles in one dish.
Indulge in the bold flavors of Korea with our authentic Tteokbokki sauce. Crafted with care and tradition, our brand brings the vibrant essence of Korean street food straight to your kitchen.
Top notch Belgian Fries that are covered with the filthiest, dirtiest toppings you could ever imagine. Not getting them is what makes a stomach turn, it's simply the perfect (not so) occasional greasy grub.

Why host Kitchen Brands

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Our setup is tailored for speed and reliability. We help you configure the best brand to work with, and make sure you have everything you need to succeed and sell more.

No additional overhead

HKB helps you generate more revenue, leveraging on your existing kitchen and staff setup. No major changes to your existing structure, but a lot more revenue and profits every day.


HKB makes sure not to disturb your smooth operations. Your existing customers won't notice a thing.


Launching one of our brands is virtually risk-free while offering a great potential revenue stream from a new virtual franchise brand. No need to pay additional rent, buy equipment, hire staff, invest in branding, etc,...

Why Host Kitchen brands

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